Undergraduate Testimonial

Let me start by thanking the management team at Texila university. My experience with Texila University was beautiful. The management was friendly in many ways that the students would request! In other words, it is easy to learn from Texila university! The curriculum was structured in such a way that distance learning became possible!. My experience with Texila university has been so exciting that the lecturers were approachable and the examinations were not a mockery. I appreciate the follow-up from the management to students on the work given. Managers of the institution moved in one spirit when it came to the mentorship of students!

I accepted to join the alumni club because Texila University is an institution I can not hesitate to recommend to someone…..!

Mr Henry Malama Mwimba

Bachelor in Business Administration

I chose to study with Texila because they offer a variety of courses in Business, Medicine, Education and Information Technology, to mention a few. They offer flexible payment plans and the school schedule is flexible as well. I was able to work and study simultaneously because the school was flexible. After completing the program, I can use the knowledge I acquired the program. I am currently working for an NGO in Zambia that helps orphans and vulnerable children. I am delighted to be part of alumni of your noble institution.

I strongly recommend Texila University because it offers a variety of courses and its Flexible Payment plan and Timetable.

Ms. Bupe Malekani

Bachelor in Business Administration

That will be great for me. Less than a year after graduation, I got employed with the IRC(International Rescue Committee( IRC)- Liberia). Texila made me have gotten a job more prominent than the previous job I had while studying with Texila.

Ms. Hannax Nyanh Barlue

Master of Public Health

My experience at the university was splendid I learnt so much in the short time that I was there, the online lessons were extremely helpful because they gave us time to focus on each course and develop our skills individually all in all the institution taught me so much.

Mrs Lydia Mulima Mwiya

Bachelor in Business Administration

I thank the TAU management for giving me this opportunity to study with Texila American University. The University gave me an excellent time to attract global students through conferences; this did not just make me feel like a student but made me learn different things across global cultures. I had chosen the Bachelor of Business Administration due to my current job as a commercial buyer, influenced by global business; therefore, this program was the best for me. Bachelor of Business Administration under TAU has given me much knowledge on international trade, like time management on every project experience overseas. The program taught me about leadership and strategic focus. The flexible payment terms encourage the less privileged people worldwide to obtain the education required. I recommend Texila American University because of its excellent learning tools and flexibility.


Mr Bright Mulu

Bachelor in Business Administration

I m grateful that I was given the opportunity to be a student at TAU. I have been working in the public health sector, but I didn’t know many theories; however, after completing the master’s in Public health course, I m now fully equipped. I have learned a lot of aspects pertaining to public health. I have genuinely enjoyed their service, from administrators to the academic staff; therefore, I won’t hesitate to recommend someone to study at TAU.

Ms Maria Ndavulwa Hipandwa

Master of Public Health

I had a great experience. All the mentors I had were very supportive and ensured that I finished my course on time. Their reminders were vital. It offers the best services; you get to complete school within the stipulated period. The mentors are very supportive—lectures as given as per schedule. Exams are uniform and they are well supervised. You are given adequate time to prepare for exams and choose your own appropriate time. You get to choose the proper time to write the tests.

Special thanks to the team at Texila for the support and guidance rendered to me

Ms Melody Chinyama Hazemba Kusweje

Master of Public Health

The course contents were rich and the mode and medium of presentation were satisfactory. Above all, my course coordinators and the entire faculty were warm and friendly.

Dr Leonard Ify Chukwuali

Master of Public Health

Texila American University has an atmosphere that is welcoming to all students, they provide student guides that help students along the course of studies, they develop a curriculum that is unmatched by any University that I have researched and allows for student feedback during studies. The rates are affordable and a payment plan can be worked out.

Ms. Helen Angela Imhoff

Master of Public Health

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