Skill Lab for Clinical Practices.

Skill lab at TAU provides a better opportunity for clinical skills practices and simulation-based learning approach under the supervision of experts.

We offer a state-of-the-art clinical skill Lab (simulation laboratory) that enables students to practice patient care.

Our simulation-based learning approach is grounded in learning theories and allows students to gain experience by applying their knowledge in a safe and secure environment with our high tech skill lab.

The simulation-based approach is grounded in our own ethical practice and we ensure that students master nursing procedures before practicing on live patients.

Clinical Skill Lab Faculty at Texila American University

The skill lab unit is a learning laboratory that provides excellent learning opportunities for the medical, nursing, and postgraduate medical students to practice basic and specific clinical skills either independently or mediated by teaching staff and the provision of computer-aided teaching programs.

To maximize the learning effect our skill lab lessons are designed specifically with international standers to match the global curriculum.

The models that are available in the clinical skill lab are designed to support the clinical skills that are required for the medical training of our medical students and to ensure that the program outcome criteria are met.

The active learning experiences in the clinical skill lab and the enhancement of the scientific principles in the technical skills prepare the student for real-life situations and the ability to engage in self-directed learning activities.

The learning activities allow the student to engage in repeated practice of a particular clinical skill until competency is reached to perform the same clinical procedure on real patients. This will ensure that the graduates produce at the end of the program is knowledgeable and safe.

Texila Students Skill lab
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Skill Lab - Texila
Skill Lab TAU
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Texila skill laboratory
Texila Students Skill lab

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