Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence

Programme Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence program is rigorous, introducing students to machine learning with opportunities to explore theoretical and hands-on learning and understand natural language processing with opportunities to pursue full-time, part-time, or online.

TAU’s bachelor’s course in Artificial Intelligence gives students the exposure to design and build applications that make decisions, reason about data, and communicate with humans. With cutting-edge infrastructure and labs, students learn to use creative thinking, algorithmic design, and coding skills to build futuristic AI systems.

We provide students with the necessary technical training and a strong foundation in machine learning, computer vision technology, and natural language processing while building critical thinking, communication, digital fluency, and teamwork skills.

The bachelor in AI program prepares students to excel in AI engineer or programmer roles or continue further education.

It enables students to work productively and recognize the social impact of artificial intelligence with exposure to the ethical, privacy, moral, and legal implications of artificial intelligence technologies.

TAUs graduate students of the BSc in Artificial Intelligence program are tech-savvy and skilled in machine learning and automated reasoning to build the AI systems of the future.

It enables students to gain expertise in the core concepts like data structures, programming, computing systems, algorithm design, performance, and computational metrics and master the basics of discrete mathematics, logic, theorem proving and explanation, probability and statistics, and optimization.


Years Duration

Credit or better in any of the 5 subjects in Grade 12


Years Duration

Diploma in Information Technology or any relevant specialization

Structure of the programme

Year Course Title Credit Points
Year 1 Introduction to Computer Programming 15
Mathematics – I 15
Introduction to Cyber Security 15
Introduction to Digital Technologies 15
Introduction to Emerging Technologies 15
Introduction to Mobile Application Development 15
Introduction to Web Development 15
Computer Organization and Architecture 15
Total 120

Programme Learning Outcomes

The learners would be able to:

  • Understand the significance of visualization in data analytics solutions and
    Differentiates between a conventional and an intelligent system.
  • Use structured thinking to solve unstructured real-time problems.
  • Understand a wide range of machine-learning algorithms and problems
  • Learn machine learning algorithmic topics that are mathematically deep enough to introduce the necessary theory and enable to provide of smart solutions to the societal needs of sub-Sahara and the globe.

Academic Delivery Plan

Texila American University Zambia is providing quality education with its state-of-the-art infrastructure, best learning methodology and technology enabled academic services.

  • Uniquely Designed Learning Methodology
  • Outcome Based Academic Delivery
  • Continuous Academic Support
  • Enhanced Learning Management Systems
  • Technology Enabled Services

Apply Now

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Career Progression

Many opportunities exist in the expansive field of Artificial Intelligence nationally and globally.

  • IT Professional
  • IT Consultant

Degree Regulations

The student will be eligible for the award of the Bachelor of Science in Artificial
Intelligence, on successful completion of all the academic requirements.

Degree Classification

TAU offers Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence program for the students who have Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence successfully fulfilled all the academic requirements.


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