Bachelor of Science in Software Development

Programme Overview

Texila’s software development bachelor’s degree is a Contemporary Program that trains you in the latest techniques and tools to design and develop software applications and helps you build interdisciplinary skillsets required to meet industry requirements and the futuristic internet of things economy.

With TAU’s Bachelor of Science in Software Development program, you will explore real-world concepts, and our expert mentors will help you gain knowledge on the core concepts of operating systems, programming, hardware, networks, and connectivity with exposure to the professional, ethical, security, and social responsibility of building, implementing and handling software systems.

The program offers theoretical knowledge, technical exposure, and hands-on learning with advanced labs guiding students through the foundations of the software development process and project management methodologies. You get to learn the latest programming languages, which form the building blocks of software development, their difference, and applications.

It equips you with professional skills enabling you to add value to organizations in areas of software development with an understanding of agile project management methodologies and commonly used development tools, including cloud service models, to advance in your career.

The bachelor’s program helps you develop expertise on the core concepts along with communication, problem-solving, digital fluency, and teamwork skills that employers are looking for and can be pursued full-time, part-time, or online modes.


Years Duration

Credit or better in any of the 5 subjects in Grade 12


Years Duration

Diploma in Information Technology or any relevant specialization

Structure of the programme

Year Course Title Credit Points
Year 1 Introduction to Computer Programming 15
Mathematics – I 15
Introduction to Cyber Security 15
Introduction to Digital Technologies 15
Introduction to Emerging Technologies 15
Introduction to Mobile Application Development 15
Introduction to Web Development 15
Computer Organization and Architecture 15
Total 120

Programme Learning Outcomes

The learners would be able to:

  • Analyze the structure and organization in a larger program and critically evaluate design principles and -patterns in relation to desired properties of software and interfaces.
  • To work in a team and multidisciplinary contexts, have problem-solving skills and are capable of developing innovative solutions to society’s practical needs.
  • To apply tools that help the user to refactor or generate source code and apply different forms of metaprogramming.
  • To have a strong foundation in computer science and are skilled at applying programming techniques in a variety of applications

Academic Delivery Plan

Texila American University Zambia is providing quality education with its state-of-the-art infrastructure, best learning methodology and technology enabled academic services.

  • Uniquely Designed Learning Methodology
  • Outcome Based Academic Delivery
  • Continuous Academic Support
  • Enhanced Learning Management Systems
  • Technology Enabled Services

Apply Now

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Career Progression

Many opportunities exist in the expansive field of software development nationally and globally.

  • IT Professional
  • IT Consultant

Degree Regulations

The student will be eligible for the award of the Bachelor of Science in Software
Development on successful completion of all the academic requirements.

Degree Classification

The student will be eligible for the award of the Bachelor of Science in Software
Development on successful completion of all the academic requirements.


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