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Recent days challenges persistent current globalisation in the world of economics, business and management in this 21st century is such that stakeholders in their different categories must attain the highest levels of knowledge and expertise in their various domains in order to remain relevant and competitive. The Doctor of Philosophy in Management is the highest academic degree awarded in the study of Management science at the University. The program draws from models across Africa and beyond African borders while striving to customize theories

This doctoral programme has been designed for qualified top performing research inclined students and teachers and returning professionals pursuing research and teaching careers as faculty or professors in the study of management at business schools worldwide, or potential management and finance consultants and entrepreneurs ready to keep pace with the prevailing academic and technological speed.

The School of Business Management at TAU provides an educational experience that yields responsible and responsive global leadership to positively impact employees, customers, business owners, and other relevant communities. As most students presently completing undergraduate and post graduate programmes, there is and will always be an increasing demand for qualified and competent academicians to guide and supervise research aspirants at much higher level.


3 Years


  • Master’s degree in Business Administration / Management / Economics /Commerce/ Accounting/Finance / Marketing / Human Resources / International Business

Structure of the Programme

Year 1
Year Course Title Credit Points
Year 1 PBM1101 Philosophy of Management 20
PBM1102 Advanced Strategic Management 20
PBM1103 Advanced Research Methods and Statistics 20
PBM1201 Quality Management 16
PBM1202 Advanced Human Resource Management 16
PBM1203 Advanced Business Accounting and Financial Management 16
Elective 12
Total credits 60
Year 2
Year Course Title Credit Points
Year 2 PBM2101 Research Proposal Writing 20
PBM2102 Research Proposal Defence 16
Elective 16
PBM2103 PhD Seminar I 18
PBM2201 Banking and Financial Services 16
Elective 16
PBM2202 PhD Seminar II 18
Total credits 120
Year 3
Year Course Title Credit Points
Year 3 PBM3101 Financial Risk and Investment Management 20
Elective 16
PBM3102 Project Management 16
PBM3103 Public Policy Management 20
PBM3201 PhD Seminar III 18
PBM3202 PhD Thesis Submission and Defense (Viva Voce) 30
Total credits 120
Total Programme Credits 360

Electives choices

S.NO Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
1 PBM4101 Development Economics 16
2 PBM4102 Public Finance 16
3 PBM4103 Managerial Economics 16
4 PBM4105 Corporate Finance 16
5 PBM4106 International Finance 16

Aims of the programme

The aim of the Doctorate in Philosophy program in Management is to equip every research scholar with the advanced theoretical knowledge in their relevant specialization along with the applied Knowledge.
TAU will develop every research scholar into a creative, innovative, resourceful and dedicated thinker.

  • To Develop the leadership principles, theories, and skills required to enhance organizational performance.
  • Apply the concepts of ethical and sustainable leadership to manage change and analysis to solve real-world business problems.
  • To Develop appropriate strategies for continuing professional development and put those strategies into practice.
  • Prepare qualified academic resources to cover the personnel gap at the top in higher education for research and scientific continuity.
  • Uplift research scholars to global standards through a highly diversified faculty and seasoned business and directorial executives from Zambia and Africa


Increasing graduates ratio in undergraduate programmes and proceed to postgraduate courses, there is and will always be an increasing need for qualified and competent faculty members and professors to guide and supervise research aspirants at much higher levels. The increasing number of master’s degrees equally arguments the number of deserving candidates who wish to pursue academics to the top through the acquisition of terminal qualifications.

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Management by Texila American University Zambia provides students with the opportunity to obtain high level training in a broad range of Management fields in order to provide appropriate responses and to seek new insights into various Business Management problems. Additionally, the PhD will provide the necessary knowledge and skills for individuals who may wish to pursue careers in academics, government, industry, or community Business agencies.

Entrance Requirements, Curricula and Degree Regulations

Prospective students must hold:

  • Master’s degree in management or other Management related studies
  • Any master’s degree related with management, professional experience with research knowledge.

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Why Choose Texila American University?

  • Rigorous Curriculum: Our PhD in Management offers a comprehensive curriculum covering management theory, research methods, strategic decision-making, and organizational behaviour, providing a deep understanding of fundamental management principles and practices.
  • Expert Faculty: Learn from experienced scholars, practitioners, and industry professionals who offer real-world insights and personalized support throughout your doctoral journey.
  • Flexible Learning: Our program offers flexible learning options, allowing you to balance academic pursuits with professional and personal commitments through on-campus or online sessions.
  • Research Opportunities: Engage in cutting-edge research addressing contemporary business challenges, with opportunities to conduct original research, publish scholarly articles, and advance management knowledge.
  • Global Perspective: Benefit from our diverse and multicultural learning environment, collaborating with peers and faculty members from different backgrounds and nationalities to better understand management practices in various cultural and organizational contexts.

Career Progression

  • PhD holders are equipped with all the necessary business skills. Problem-solving, self- motivation, and teamwork are some of these abilities. They can also bring deeper insights to the table to gain an advantage if they have the right specialisation.
  • open doors to exciting career possibilities and continue to advance.
  • Teaching profession in universities
  • CEO of reputed companies
  • Business Development Specialist at MNC
  • Management Consulting
  • Policy analyst

Faculty and support

TAU has excellent facilities for the program delivery designed keeping in mind the needs of the student in all means.


All our classrooms are well equipped with Hi tech facilities like specially designed classroom projector with computer with uninterrupted network connection. Our entire classrooms are centralized air-conditioned with good lighting. Comfortable seating arrangements are made for student’s comfort. We have well equipped and designed computer laboratory with more than 60 computers and one dedicated Server connection for use. To strengthen our Information and Communication technology we have authorized CISCO networking systems.


A learning hub for students to satisfy their thirst for inquisitive knowledge and urge. Our huge database is filled with information which can easily help in your academic brilliance. TAU Library is equipped with good number of relevant books for the students to refer and make use of the books for their continuous academic growth.

Online Resources

Learning Management System is the Academic Delivery platform for student, through which lecture contents, video lectures, learning resources, assessment, project submission, grading, etc. A Learning Management System (LMS) is a web-based application through which learning content is delivered and managed.

ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning Portal is Campus Management System, It manages enrolled students database, exam results, faculty details, student‘s survey, calendar etc. All students are provided access to this portal for viewing followings: • Enrollment Status, Profile of the Student, Exam Results, Calendars, Invoice and Payment Status.

Degree Regulations

The student will be eligible for the award of the Doctor of Philosophy in Management degree, on successful completion of all the academic requirements and as per their academic standing grades.

Grade % Mark Descriptor
H 91-100 Honors. Exceptional performance demonstrating broad understanding of the subject area and excellent knowledge of the relevant literature. Exemplary discussion and analysis of results, logical organisation and ability to critically analyse and evaluate discuss concepts coupled with insight and originality.
A 81-90 Outstanding. Very good performance demonstrating evidence of wide reading, with clear presentation and thorough analysis & evaluation and an ability to critically evaluate and discuss the subject. Clear indication of some insight and originality. A very competent and well-presented work overall but failing short of excellence in some aspects.
B 71-80 Excellent. Good performance which shows good understanding of the subject and knowledge of the relevant literature. Efficient derivation of information with only minor slips. Demonstrates some relevant interpretation and critical evaluation of the subject. Good general standard of analysis, synthesis & interpretation of data.
C 61-70 Good. Satisfactory performance with clear presentation of subject and simple analysis but less effective evaluation of literature or synthesis of information. Requires some level of supervision but shows little ability to try and solve some problems unaided.
D 50-60 Fair. An average performance which shows some understanding of the subject but limited knowledge and appreciation of the relevant literature. Presentation of, analysis and presentation of results at basic level and showing little or no originality or critical evaluation. Insufficient attention to organisation and presentation of work.
F 0-49 Fail. A bad performance containing many errors and faults. Virtually no real understanding or appreciation of the subject and relevant literature pertaining to it. Chaotic presentation of information and in some cases incompletely presented and virtually non-existent or inappropriate or plainly wrong analysis. Discussion and interpretation seriously confused or wholly erroneous revealing basic misapprehensions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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