Bachelor of Business Administration Program (BBA)

Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Science Project Management
Bachelor of Science Marketing
Bachelor of Science in Finance and Accounting

The Bachelors of Business Administration is a four-year program that prepares you for wide-ranging management and administrative roles. It provides a solid foundation in general management, accounting, marketing, operations, sales, finance, information technology, organizational behavior, and strategy, augmented with specialized electives that focus on key business aspects. It equips you with the knowledge and skills that employers value and enables you to launch your career with confidence.

The Bachelors of Business Administration program is designed to meet the needs of rapidly transforming global business, encouraging students to discover innovative business solutions with an emphasis on critical management attributes like business analysis, quantitative reasoning, communication, and interpersonal skills.

Texila American University offers the best bachelor of business studies in Zambia, with a rigorous curriculum that covers core business functions, including leadership, strategy, operations, accounting, and marketing, preparing students for challenging job roles.

The undergraduate business degree helps graduates be industry-ready for entry-level positions in finance, manufacturing, energy, aerospace, information technology, facilities planning, and management sectors or successfully start their own enterprise.

TAU college of business administration offers masters and doctoral programs for the savviest learners who wish to pursue further specializations in management. BBA graduates can choose to study Master of Business Administration (MBA), which enables them to specialize in specific areas of business management and advance to C-suite roles. Doctoral programs in business administration equip you to function efficiently as a consultant or pursue a career in academics.


Years Duration


  • Grade 12 certificate / GCE with 5 Credits or better in any 5 subjects


Years Duration


  • 3 Years Diploma in relevant Specialization from a Recognized University.
  • A level +2 years diploma in relevant Specialization from a Recognized University with atleast one year of work experience.
  • Qualification from any recognized body with level equivalent to diploma / national diploma /higher Diploma plus at least 3 years of work experience

Structure of the programme

Course Code Subjects Credits
Year 1
BBA1110 Organisational Behaviour 19
BBA1111 Business Communications 19
BBA2115 Business Economics 19
BBA2114 Principles of Accounting 19
Capstone Project 5
BBA2112 Principles of Marketing 19
BBA1112 Fundamentals of Business Environment(Management Theory) 19
Year 2
BBA4121 Business Law 19
BBA4122 Strategic Management 19
Capstone Project 5
BBA1112 Entrepreneurship 19
BBA2113 Human Resource Management 19
Article review 5
BBA4511 Project and Viva 40
Total Credits 245
Course Code Subjects Credits
Year 3
MAJOR 1 19
MAJOR 2 19
MAJOR 3 19
MAJOR 4 19
Capstone Project 5
MINOR 1 19
MINOR 2 19
Year 4
MINOR 3 19
Capstone Project 5
MAJOR 5 19
MAJOR 6 19
Article review 5
BBA4511 Project and Viva Voce 40
Total Credits 245

Credit System: One credit represents 10 notional hours of learning. This learning includes classroom, supervised and self-directed hours, assessment time, workplace training, assignment writing, online learning and fieldwork. A normal year of fulltime study (including contact hours and self-directed hours) is 1200 hours (120 credits). Any variation in hours from this requires specific justification. Similarly, any variation from 120 ZQF credits in one fulltime year requires specific justification. Credit units shall not be used for awarding qualifications under the ZQF.


BBA3121 Cost & Management Accounting
BBA3122 Corporate Finance & Financial Modeling
BBA3123 Banking & Financial Services
BBA3124 Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
BBA3125 International Finance Management
BBA3126 Financial Risk and Investment Management
BBA3131 Managerial Behavior and Effectiveness
BBA3132 Organisational Theory Design & Development
BBA3133 Social Psychology
BBA3134 Strategic Human Resource Management
BBA3135 Human Resource Training & Development
BBA3136 Performance & Compensation Management
BBA3141 Consumer Behavior
BBA3142 Customer Relationship Management
BBA3143 Product Planning & Branding Strategy
BBA3144 Advertisement and Sales Promotion
BBA3145 Digital Marketing
BBA3146 International Marketing
BBA3151 Material Management
BBA3152 Process Management
BBA3153 Maintenance Management
BBA3154 Quality Management
BBA3155 Supply & Logistic Management
BBA3156 Lean Six Sigma

Selection Factors

Students applying to Bachelor of Business Administration program at TAU Zambia campus are selected on the basis of their academic, personal, and extracurricular abilities. Each student will be assessed based on the educational background, age, and intended course of study. Additionally, students must have the intellectual, physical, and emotional capacities to meet the requirements of a successful career in their respective fields.

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What Do You Gain?

  • Enhanced decision-making and managerial ability
  • Critical thinking and reasoning skills
  • Focus-oriented strategic planning ability
  • Heightened out-of-box thinking and innovation skills
  • Superior leadership skills

Teaching Methodology

  • Total 16 weeks in the Trimester (2 courses per trimester)
  • 4 Modules Per Course, 3 Units per Module & 6 (5-7) Chapters in each Unit = (4*3*6)= 72 Chapters
  • Instructional hours through University Campus: Per course 14 hours  (2hrs x 1days x 7 weeks)
  • Suggestive Lecture Duration: 1 Module in two Classes (2 hrs per class/ per week)
    (Live Lectures – Other than Lusaka Students will receive the transmission of the weekly lectures at the Facility Centre or LMS platform (as per the availability) and shall also have the privilege to join at TAU Campus for any ongoing class at their convenience)

Academic Delivery and Assessment

  • On-Campus program is delivered in Semester pattern and On-line mode of program is delivered in Trimester/Block pattern.
Assessment per Course Weightage
Formative (Internal)
3 MCQ Tests for each Module.

Total Module – 4

Summative (External)
Final Exam (50 MCQ) 60%
Total 100%

Why Choose Us?

  • Extensive network of students from different nationalities and professional backgrounds
  • Flexible online programs at par with on-campus programs
  • Interactive curriculum with block-based learning modules
  • Internationally recognized degree
  • Opportunity to explore your true potential as a business professional

Career Opportunity For Bachelor of Business Administration program

Graduates of our Bachelor’s in Business Administration program would have lucrative opportunities in fields like:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Project Management
  • Operations Management
  • Human Resources etc.,

Due to the high demand for qualified professionals, one can expect to be hired by financial institutions, multi-national corporations, consulting firms, educational organizations, etc.

Further Study Opportunities

A bachelor’s in business administration degree is the stepping stone toward obtaining an MBA Degree. One can opt for several specializations such as finance, marketing, human resources, banking and insurance, fiancé and accounts, project management amongst several others.



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