Thank you all for making 2nd International Conference on Health & Allied Science a grand success, To hear from us stay tuned!


Texila American University is a globally acclaimed, quality education provider with its tag-line, ‘Bringing Education to Life’. The University is seen around the world as a pioneer in Medical and Health education. The First campus of this university was established in Guyana (South America). After the Great Success of TAU, Guyana, A Very brilliant new campus was established in the Peaceful country of Zambia. The Texila American University Zambia campus (TAU, ZM), although relatively new has achieved new heights of success and is being gaining recognition not only in Zambia but from southern Africa as an emerging leader in medical and health science education.

The medical and health sciences tract in Zambia and Southern Africa needs more attention, as the health facilities and general awareness about these fields seem to be low in the masses. TAU, ZM is working hand in hand with the Zambian government and has been striving to spread medical health awareness among the people of Zambia. The efforts of TAU are well appreciated by the Zambian Government.

The conference is intended to create awareness among healthcare providers, consumers and stake holders on pervasiveness of “Medical and Health Science”s in a bid to make an effort to find evidence-based solutions which are proven to be effective in the region.

Conference will be held virtually over a period of two (2) days with various scientific sessions and dynamic poster presentations.

Public-Private Collaborations

Developing countries in this region as well as globally are facing problems such as infectious diseases predominantly HIV, water & food borne diseases, nutritional deficiencies, unsafe pregnancies and the challenge of escalating epidemics of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. This composite threat to the nation’s & Global health and development needs a concerted health response that can ensure delivery of cost-effective interventions for health promotion, disease prevention and affordable diagnostic and the therapeutic healthcare. The issues of adding the requisite infrastructure, technology and training of the healthcare personnel through appropriate financing models are crucial to meet these challenges. TAU is organizing this Conference to help facilitate conversations and partnerships that will achieve the stipulated health goals within the country & Globally – It will build a unique multi sectoral platform by aligning Industry & all prospective players across SADAC region as well as from the different part of the globe towards Health for All through Health in All. It will focus on the vision articulated for the development in the region as well as the issues pertaining to the growth of the country.

Medical and Health Science


  1. Prioritizing the key Reemerging public health challenges in Zambia.
  2. Readdressing the post Covid scenario with the comorbidities.
  3. Defining key areas for action at policy and implementation level with focus on viable and sustainable public-private partnerships.
  4. Sharing innovative, sustainable, scalable, models and best practices for public health sector reforms.
  5. Highlighting regulated and managed private sector interventions, Sharing viable financing models for PPPs.


  1. Key points of action for building a favorable policy regime to foster collaborations and convergence in public health.
  2. Best practices and experience from the local and developing countries around the region
  3. Approach for generating a strong public health response against the burden of diseases ·
  4. Role of the pharmaceutical sector in reversing epidemiological transition · Experiences of development agencies engaged in the Zambian health sector ·
  5. Identifying emerging areas in need of sustainable and viable funding mechanisms in public health


  1. Private agencies
  2. Government bodies
  3. International Ministries of health and finance from developing nations · Multilateral, donor agencies and institutions (e.g., WHO, IFC, the World Bank, etc.)
  4. Corporate s, entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs ·
  5. Researchers, academia and domain specialists ·
  6. Non-governmental organizations and civil society organizations.·


  1. Align-emerging health issues and priorities: A reality check
  2. Current Health Challenges & Scenarious: Zambia & SADAC Perspective
  3. Maternal & Child Health & Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)
  4. Mainstreaming of inter sectoral collaboration to address environmental determinants affecting Health ·
  5. Funding healthcare and human resource development ·
  6. Redefining the role of PPP’s – Viable and sustainable public health infrastructure · Action on critical social determinants of health
  7. Contribution of Basic sciences in restructuring Medicine programme.


Dr-Sangeeta Goswami

Dr. Sangeeta Goswami MD, PhD

Assistant Professor, Genitourinary Medical Oncology and Immunology
UT MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA

Lekshmy S Pillai

Dr. Lekshmy S Pillai, MD, MRCP

Senior Registrar in GU Medicine & HIV
Nottingham University hospital
Nottingham, UK

Forhad Akhtar Zaman

Dr. Forhad Akhtar Zaman, MD

Additional Professor
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Guwahati India


Dr. Apurva Shankar, MD

Consultant, Respiratory Diseases
Sydney Australia


Dr. Nathan N Bakyaita

WHO country representative - Zambia


Dr. Bonaface Funda Funda

Advisor Africa Resource center


Dr. Vivianne Manyeki

Consultant Otorhinolaryngologist - Kenya


Dr. Keeneth Chanda

HOD Obst. & Gynae
University Teaching Hospital

Dr. Mukesh Shukla

Associate Professor
All India Institute of Medical Science
Raibareily India

Dr. Ranbeer Pal

Formal Additional Professor
All India Institute of Medical Science
Jodhpur India

Dr. John Musuku

Ministry of Health
Government of Zambia


Mr. Saju Bhaskar Founder & President, TAU

Chief Patron

Mr. Saju Bhaskar

Founder & President, TAU

Mrs. Chithra Lakshmi Executive Vice President TAU


Mrs. Chithra Lakshmi

Executive Vice President, TAU

Dr. Pankaj


Mr. Pankaj Maheshwari

Chief Executive Officer, TAU-Z

Co Convenor Dr. Amit Kumar Singh

Co Convenor

Dr. Amit Kumar Singh

Dean, College of Medicine.


Co Convenor

Dr. Balamurugan Easwaran

Deputy Vice chancellor, Academics

Co-Convenor Brig.Gen.(Dr) Lawson Simapuka

Executive Director & CEO

Brig.Gen.(Dr) Lawson Simapuka

National Forensic Authority, Republic of Zambia


Dr. Patrick Chanda

Dean School of Public Health

Dr. Vivienne Nambule Syamuley


Dr. Luke Nebert Katema Zulu


Dr. Chimuka Mwaanga

Programme Coordinator MBchB